Top Health and Medicine Websites List

Here goes the list of top Health and Medicine websites where your will find your complete health, medical and healthy life style solutions.

1. WebMD : Oikar has select this websites is one of the best websites for health. WebMD provides a wide range of  Medical care with their expert team. There are over 100 nationwide health and doctor who are specialist with up to date, correct and very good to healthier life. They are always ready to ensure support who seeks for health support and information suppose Health Care Insurance, Health care Center, Dental etc.  
2. Mayoclinic : Oikar suggest this website for good health cause more than 3300 Physicians, scientists and expert researchers are always ready to ensure good care for their virtual clients. It’s one of the right place for your good health. It’s a nonprofit organization based on Rochester Minnesota. There are 4500 Physicians and 57100 staff are ready to make good care of your health any time.
3. Oikar likes this page for comprehensive and update sources of drug information in the internet.More than 24000 prescription drugs are provided by the sites. And it’s accurate, independent and free. It provides good support to use natural products and also ensures health tips online.
 4.  Everyday Health: As per name it works for ensuring good care of your health. It’s empowered and inspires for good healthier living. The websites is well decorating by good healthy content relating health and wellness. It has daily news and views for health tips and cares especially helpful during pregnancy period. 
 5. NIH :It’s the part of the US department of Health and Human services. NIH is called the world largest Biomedical Research center. Oikar suggest to explore their website to get their health care and tips online With 1,200 principal investigators and more than 4,000 postdoctoral fellows in basic, transnational, and clinical research.

  6. Yahoo Health :Oikar finds Beautiful thumbnails in this where you got all health care Services information and tips. You may got Medical dictionary, symptoms of diseases and many resources for healthy living and data of drugs and medicines. Its also have beauty care and tips with healthy food habits.
7. RX Lists: A to Z list of Drug information. You will find a complete drug solution. The website is a Drug index to find your desire drug data. Find the side effect of a medicine in this website. Find your drug guideline and  side effect of a medicine in this website and enjoy a happy and healthy life. 

 8. Mercola : Dr. Joseph Mecola  is the founder of this websites. It is a reliable source of sound wellness products, Health news and free news letter from the doctor himself. You may find your pets health solution and fitness tips and guide from this websites.  So maintain, enhance and rebuild your health by this website.
 9. MedicineNet :Explore the medicine world here in this websites and find your medical solutions. This online health care is easy to read and simple to understand. Qualified medical team is ready to find your health solution.

 10. Mind Body Green :This is a motivational websites helps to live a and a inspiration of happy life. You will find healthy recipes, nutritional information, and fitness information. So Oikar suggests you to go through this website to find a good healthy coaching center such as family planning etc
 11. Medscape :You will find a patient care and home health care with comprehensive healthy clinical information and care from the experts and healthy professionals. It  offers the latest health and medical news from the  expert and  essential point-of-care drugs and disease information  and relevant professional education and CME.
 12. Medical News Today :It is a healthy care internet company established them self as a market leader for health and medical news & views providing essential and accurate information that stands out in the lot of contents that is health on the internet.
 13. Health Grades :It like an hospital to get the right doctors  for your health care. It will connects you with the expert professionals and skilled physicians. You will find the accurate information to make your health decisions by getting patient experience and other query.  
​14. Consumer Reports on Health : Free to explore the effective, safe and inexpensive drugs and medicines solutions. It reviews various conditions and focuses on recommendations  the best solutions.
15. Health Line: Oikar found a very good health resources here. A very good ally in your pursuit of health and well being. You may find information, digestive health care, tips and a to z guidance of your health issues. A digital media to produce health content to health and wellness.


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