Plastic Man Movie, Not yet but why?

From age Hollywood made many super hero movies but making a Plasticman movie remains still a dream. Superhero movies are like the lollipop for all and here all are the super viewers offcourse. Hollywood emerged through the superhero movies however! Most of the superhero movies are the previous comic’s heroes. Unlike Superman, Spiderman & Batman, Plasticman was also arrived in the Golden Comics age. In 1941 'Quality Comics' released the Plasticman comics later 'DC' had owned it and continue to series it. But it’s a matter of truth that Plasticman is still not in a big screen or in 3 dimensions. It’s never been find a realistic computer graphics and science fictional treatment.
Plasticman is a fictional super hero character who can stretch his body parts into a large form! His adventure is known for his quirky adventures and a surreal slapstick. Though at first he was a member of a  gang bang burglary but eventually he became the part of Police force and later in FBI.
         Plasticman was a crook named Patrick Eel O’Brian born in 1941 at the age of 10 in the Comic character. He was an orphan and at the adult he somehow involved in a burglary gang. Eel had an accident in a late night heist. He was shoot & dressed doused with an unidentified chemical liquid. Chemical mixed with his blood stream and change his body parts that became almost like rubber allowing him to stretch his body parts, mold him to any shape and got telepathic communication power. This is like a blessing for him and got the super human ability that causes him to be a superhero. He has unique super heroic features like Superman, Spiderman, Antman and Batman. He had malleable physiology, density control, elasticity, shape shifting ability and has regeneration of power. 

    So what is the reason behind that it still not got the movie camera? Is that our lacking of luck! Although it’s appeared in 70’s in a Cartoon form and later in 90’s TV miniseries and sometime in the Justice league but our Hero couldn’t shaped his body  in the theater! How unlucky he is! During the 90’s DreamWorks and Warner Bros had got the right of Plasticman Franchise and rumored that Steven Spielberg or Bryan Spicer might be the director. The Wachowskis was the script writer though he made some change of our comic hero in the story, our hero is not in the streets gang, he became an environmentalist now but unfortunately the trying was abandoned. Later in 2008 CGI steps to make it in real, they even fixed a release date in 2009 and rumored that starring Keanu Reeves as Plasticman! But unfortunately it was the end of it. Then sometime it’s been rumored but not in real. Hm commercial movies need all of its feed to full its stomach. Its need many efforts to find a commercial success like a good script, story, drama, special effects etc. There is opportunity in Plasticman, it might be the 3 dimension pineapple if its get the modern graphical effects and realistic animation. Look at the Antman movie. Success is in the special effects its magical and tremendous use of animation. Ya Size doesn’t matter, Antman proved it. His power is in the costume and size shifting. Unlike Antman Plasticman has all the potentiality to become a movie hero like Flash, Superman or Batman. It’s definitely not being a comedy show because super heroes can’t be a funny. He should be arrive by the Marvels, DC or by the Disney. One thing must true that most of the Hollywood block buster commercially success movies are the Superhero movies cause this type of movie had the best touch and can win the heart of all Ages. 
   Well may be our hero need much time to be appeared. So he is taking his time man! Definitely he will appear in the theater someday with all of his glamour and stretch his hands to survive the mankind. We will wait, sure he will come and will reach to our heart and soul.

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