Sushi, eating raw is fun.

Well, now I can say that I ate raw! ya its Sushi the Japanese origin food now much popular all over the world. I was really doubt whether I get this unique food in the city but fortunately got that amazing flavor of raw! Its tasty, delicious and safe. Sushi is a raw food made of
sticky rice, seafood and vegetables or salad. For me seafood is the best and I am like a bug of eat. Note that I was a beach city born, Chittagong City and I grown up with it, so I was familiar to that, though I never eat sea fish in raw except some little pawn. I took this more positive and as a great. As Wikipedia says, the sushi literally means sour tasting, the oldest form of sushi in Japan is called Narezushi is made by wrapping fish and

soured fermenting rice. Eating sushi the main fact  is its fashionable decoration & presentation because this decorative flavor will make you to eat it even in raw.  There are various types of sushi, one is called Maki, its a kinda roll which is made with fish, meat and rice, good to taste for the beginner.  Another sushi is called Nigiri, which made with raw fish and rice and presents with Wasabi and Soya sauce. Wasabi is a greenery paste. Another sushi is named by sashimi same like the Nagiri but presents without rice. There are other sushi like Temaki is a cone shape sushi with fish, vegetables and

omelet. Sushi is made of sea foods, its may salmon or any other fish. I personally prefer the pawn and tuna sushi with wasabi and oyster sauce, its really a wah! by wah! and a mouthful experience. Some people don't like sushi cause may be they don't even taste of it, haha.   Hm sushi is very tasty and delicious and  if you go for it, you should go to a well known and sushi reputed restaurant because its raw.  It should be properly made with clean and clear. So just go for it. It will be a dream pop up window in your brain. So gain some weight and next go for the Gym. haha.

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